The ancient science of Ayurveda clarifies on the false notions related to the common fever. Alas, these have become general belief among people nowadays and many are still unaware of why the body develops a fever in the first place. The old practitioners of the science of Ayurveda believe and support the fact that fever is a sign that something is wrong with the physical health of a person. Fever can be the starting point of a more dangerous problem that may lie ahead in the future of a person. Thus, it is very significant that the fever be checked as soon as possible.

Many people think that popping in a pill and going about their routine is alright whereas the common fever can take a much hideous form very soon. It is very important that we all have the required information about how to break a fever. To put a stop to fever from rising further is the first step to deal with this seemingly unimportant health issue. It is important to note down the body temperature of the person suffering from fever from time to time. The rise in or decline of body temperature needs to be monitored so that the dose of medication can be increased or decreased accordingly.