Monthly Archives: February 2014

Can we really ignore the ease or comfort factor when it comes to humans? For years, the selling of products has risen above the necessity and addressed the comfort that they can provide in order to differentiate themselves from the competitors. This could have been the base which Satoshi Nakamoto (the Japanese developer) thought of the concept of bitcoins. Another thing that you cannot ignore is the temptation of not paying the extra bucks for making a transaction. I personally have made use of online transactions for many
personal and professional purposes and believe me that little service charge or the transaction fees is what always irks me.

Of course I like the fact that I can do it from home but paying for moving around my own money does not really seem fair. If I were to give my personal opinion, no online transactions using physical money at least is as unsafe as some non-internet banking users make it to be. About the virtual currency, the safety is still being dissected under a microscope and there are still many questions lurking unanswered. Still as a technology enthusiast, I am all for a regulated environment which provides me freedom and the safety within a structure.