Many trailer owners find themselves at a loss when they make their first purchase and find that many parts of their automobile are not commonly available. This is mostly due to still a limited individual consumer base for these parts. One of the specific parts that is necessary and essential for trailers is a pintle hitch.

Pintle in itself is very popular for aircraft landing gear industry but accompanies by a hitch, it is used for the purpose of towing a vehicle which has no running battery of source of power of its own. So, it is either a hook or a ball combination which configures as a secure tow ring to hitch your trailer to a moving vehicle.

You can define your need or capacity of the weight that you need to hitch while making a purchase. It is best to consult the manufacturing with clearly outlined requirements. If you are new to this, have someone from the manufacturer’s end come over and take a look to help you figure out the best product for your individual needs. For all your utility type vehicle needs, you can chose from either combination. One of the common feedback from users is that the ball combination does not produce much noise as compared to hook.