As a child, I used to love setting myself on the couch watching my favorite cartoon series on television while devouring the most famous corn casserole by my grandmother. That is exactly how I remember my childhood days during the holidays. Away from the rush of the city, on the countryside just leisurely lying around, running in the open spaces and finally relaxing on the couch. I felt like a real princess and loved the easy going lifestyle that my grandparents had. They always pampered me and wanted to get some fat on my bony structure.

My mother used to be amazed at my capacity to finish off the casserole dishes that my grandmother used to make. On the contrary, at my own home, getting me to finish a meal completely was a big deal for my parents. I guess I liked that my grandmother made the recipe just for me and made sure it had the healthy stuff but also a lot of cheese so that I could enjoy it thoroughly. The quality of food also varied a lot for city food and the farm fresh food that my grandparents cooked. I guess that is where I could feel the difference in taste from.