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The pain in left side of human body can signify start of an illness and always needs to be diagnosed properly. Often when occurring in the chest region or the heart region, it can be difficult to isolate the point of origin and sometimes the diagnosis can be misleading. This requires for a good understanding that a pain starting from your jaw line and extending to your shoulder and left arm can indicate coming on of a heart attack. In fact, a man clutching his heart due to unbearable pain is a classic depiction of heart attack in reel life. Difficulty in breathing is often an accompanying sign of heart attack in women.

Also, in women, the pain in the left area of the body can be a significant sign of urinary problems or an infection in early stages. In both men and women, this pain can indicate presence of stones in kidney or an obstruction in bowel movement. If not treated in a timely manner, the pain indicating bladder problems can escalate to trouble in reproduction. Some other common and easily treatable causes of this pain can be constipation and diarrhea. Any unusual amount of intensity of pain in abdominal area or stomach region should not be ignored by women, even if they are menstruating.